Kickstarter is Coming SOON!

It’s September 21 already…where has this month gone?! The good news is that we’re that much closer to our Kickstarter campaign starting. On October 1, you’ll be able to visit Bear Hockey on Kickstarter and order your very own copy of the story! There will be lots of great backing options, and we know you’ll find something you love. We’re going to have more art sneak-peeks in the ten days to come, but for now…check out our newly designed squirrel sportscaster!


See you on Kickstarter!

Meet Fergus Ursus!


Name: Fergus Ursus

Likes: Hockey, honey, long walks in the forest, knitting, baking cakes, eating cakes, fishing

Dislikes: Snoring (especially when trying to hibernate), broccoli, angry bees

Position: Left winger

Motto: “All you need is one pinecone for a good game!”