We’ve got lots going on over here at Buttertart Books Headquarters! Our artist, Maurizio Curto, is finishing up the illustrations for Bear Hockey (stay tuned for some sneak peeks), and I (Jess) am looking into getting the launch (in February) all set up. There are so many moving parts to consider, but I’ve got a ginormous list of things to do…and as long as I’ve got a list, we’re good to go!

We’re looking so forward to finishing Bear Hockey, getting it printed and finally making it available for the world to own and love!

Meet Fergus Ursus!


Name: Fergus Ursus

Likes: Hockey, honey, long walks in the forest, knitting, baking cakes, eating cakes, fishing

Dislikes: Snoring (especially when trying to hibernate), broccoli, angry bees

Position: Left winger

Motto: “All you need is one pinecone for a good game!”