Duck Fort Update

Hi all,

First, the bad news: we didn’t end up getting funded on Kickstarter. Thanks to those who backed us, though. You’re rock stars.

Now, the good news! We’re still going to do Duck Fort. We’ll be selling it via Amazon, and we’re looking in to Etsy as well. Check back here for more information in the near future!

Over 50% funded!

Great news from Buttertart Books HQ! We’re over 50% funded and we sure would like to make it to 100%! If you’ve been looking to get your own copy of Duck Fort, now is the time to visit us on Kickstarter! We’ve got 5 days left, and we’re excited to get this project created!


Exciting Times for Duck!

Duck Fort is now live on Kickstarter!

Duck Fort is the story of a spunky duck who happens to be an excellent builder. She also happens to have friends who really like forts. Duck creates a fort for each friend (after the friends remind her of all the ways they’ve ‘helped’ her in the past) and then waits for them to say those two little words…

But no one thanks her.

Duck heads home and has some tea. And broods.

Fortunately, her friends realize the error of their ways and invite Duck to come back to the fort. She does, and…well…let’s just say a lovely surprise awaits her!

The book is all done in cut-paper and the art is turning out better than I dared to hope it would. My talented husband is doing the Photoshop part of the process (cleaning up the pictures, adding the text, generally makings look good).

If you’re looking for a terrific book for your little one, Duck Fort more than fits the bill. It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s all about a duck building forts for her friends. What more could you want?

Check us out here:


Hooray for everything!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to Buttertart Books’ first book store event! Maurizio and I had a wonderful time signing books and meeting Bear Hockey fans!

Here’s a picture, in case you weren’t able to attend!

A million thanks to Bernie, our wonderful contact at the Woodbridge Chapters. And a huge thanks to Maurizio for his company and his excellent printing skills. The dedications would’ve been 100% messier if I was in charge of writing them.

If you missed us there, catch us here:

Chapters Richmond Hill – October 28, 12-4

Ella Minnow  (Toronto)- November 19, 1:00

We can’t wait to see you!

Come visit us at Chapters!

Exciting news, Buttertart Books fans! We’ll be at Chapters Woodbridge (Highway 7 & Weston Road) on October 7 (from 12-4) and Chapters Richmond Hill (Yonge & 407) on October 28 (from 12-4). Please drop by and pick up a copy of Bear Hockey!