Come visit us at Chapters!

Exciting news, Buttertart Books fans! We’ll be at Chapters Woodbridge (Highway 7 & Weston Road) on October 7 (from 12-4) and Chapters Richmond Hill (Yonge & 407) on October 28 (from 12-4). Please drop by and pick up a copy of Bear Hockey!

22 boxes of books!

Great news! The book arrived tonight from our printer (Print Ninja). I’m so impressed with the book – it’s beautiful! If you bought a copy (or copies) thank you for your support! I’ll be sending them out next week. For now, take a look at this gorgeous book:

Hockey Cards!

We received our hockey cards in the mail today…here they are!


And, in other exciting news, it seems that 22 packages are on their way from California right now…and they contain…the BOOK! The multitude of packages are due here on August 2, so you can be sure I’ll be sending them out the following week!