The ebook has been sent!

If you supported our Kickstarter campaign at the Forest League fan level or above, you’ve received an email all about how to access the ebook!

We hope you love it and read it with all your favourite Bear Hockey fans!

Getting ready to PRINT!

With our Kickstarter campaign successfully over, we are now gearing up to print Bear Hockey. I’m going to be sending the files off to PrintNinja next week, and then it’ll be about two months (give or take a week) until we see the final product. I am VERY excited to share the book with you!

I’m also in the midst of planning a blog tour in September of this year, to share Bear Hockey with the world.

In other news, the next book is well underway! My husband, Karl, and I will be doing the art for “The Animal Hotel” and, frankly, it’s looking pretty good so far! You’re going to love Mrs. Sheep and her menagerie of hotel guests.

I’ve also been planning next year’s books out. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that you’re going to meet some very fine caterpillars, an absent-minded goldfish, and perhaps even a little girl with a crazy sweet tooth.

Be sure to visit here often…there’s a TON going on!


If you missed us on Kickstarter, never fear!

We’re on Indiegogo! We wanted to make sure that EVERYONE who wanted a chance to get Bear Hockey early was able to. So, if you want to check us out, we are here!

We hope you’ll drop by and see us!

In other good news, the ebook conversion is almost done…and Bear Hockey is looking great. I can’t wait to share it with you all!

What we’re up to now!

Great news, Bear Hockey fans! The ebook is well on its way to being converted and ready to read on your device. We’re in the final stages of making sure everything looks 100% awesome, and we should have the final product done in a few weeks.

I’m also about to have a meeting with our awesome artist, Maurizio, in regards to the custom art pieces some of you ordered, and the hockey cards that you’re going to LOVE!

As soon as Kickstarter sends us the printing money, Bear Hockey will be off to the printer!

So, in conclusion: everything is going well. I will keep you posted!

We’re in the newspaper!

Big news from Buttertart Books – Bear Hockey is in the newspaper! Maurizio and I were interviewed a couple of weeks ago by Adam Martin-Robbins from the Vaughan Citizen. We had a great time telling him all about the book. Now we’re in the newspaper, so please check us out!

If you’re coming here from the Vaughan Citizen, please check out our Kickstarter campaign here.

Hooray for Bear Hockey!

eBook News!

Bear Hockey is well on its way to becoming an eBook! We can’t wait to show you the final product.

The campaign is almost over (8 days to go) and we’re super-excited that we’ve been funded!

Thank you again for your support.

Nearly 75% funded!

It’s been one week since we went live on Kickstarter, and we’re very close to 75% funded! Just 25% more and we’re good to go! If you haven’t stopped by to pick up your copy of Bear Hockey yet, now is the time! If you have backed us, thank you so much!