Thoughts on illustration…

Know what’s more work than I imagined it would be? Illustrating a book! I’m working on my first board book, 3 Fine Caterpillars. It’s in rhyme, and I’m pretty darn pleased about how the story part turned out. I’m now in the process of making the pages fun and engaging and interesting to look at.

I have a lot of respect for illustrators. A LOT.

As someone who naturally thinks in words, illustration isn’t as natural for me…but I’m learning. I wrote a book called “The Animal Hotel” and it has never seen the light of day. Not because I dislike the story, but because the art was such a learning curve. Some pages I’m totally happy with. Other pages…not so much. I did the whole thing in cut paper (I think that’s my style) and each page featured a different animal.

I’m thinking of posting the story here for honest creative feedback.

And, if nothing else, you’ll get a good giggle from some of the less awesome animals.


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